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September 30, 2018

New to Tumbles? Please join us for a free trial class to check us out before signing up for our Fall session! You can join anytime (space permitting) and tuition will be pro-rated. 

Free Trial classes are available:

Squeakers/Wobblers (4-18 months) Monday 9:30, Friday 12:30

Wobblers (11-18 months) Tuesday 9:30

Wobblers/Wigglers(15-24 months) Thursday 11:30

Wiggler 19 months-2.5 years- Monday 10:15, Weds 9:30

Super Wigglers 2.5-3 Years Monday 11:15, Weds 10:30, Fri 11:15

Email us at hillsdale@tumbles.net or call 201-453-3010 to RSVP for a free trial!